Travertine Tiles

Visiting your first tiles shop as an art savvy homeowner can prove to be a glorious adventure. Still don’t have a tiles store on your sight? Check out quality tiles here in Pretty Pieces where you can find the best limestone tiles in Sydney, and even the most glorious Moroccan tiles in Australia.

Understanding the tile types from ceramic to travertine tiles is helpful so you can decide what is best to purchase. In case you haven’t had the slightest clue even about travertine tiles, here is a quick guide:



This tile type is created with natural clay and minerals that go through various temperature changes. Next to travertine tiles, ceramic tiles are well known to be one of the best choices for indoor tiling when glazed, while the unglazed (quarry) are for outdoors. Feel free to visit our shop’s own variety of ceramic tiles differing in shape, size, colour, and texture.



For this, natural clay is also manufactured through extreme heating. Sometimes, people get confused with the differences between ceramic and porcelain, but there is a distinct difference on how they are made, how porous they are, and where they are used. There is also a vast array of porcelain tiles with different shapes, sizes, colours, and textures, so it would be best to hire a tiling specialist to help you decide on your tile choices.




Natural Stone

This category could be divided into several subtypes that you would surely love to have in your fabulous home:


Your granite tiles aren’t your average tiles—they’re as cool as cooled magma, because they are literally that! Aside from their naturally intricate design, you would want these majestic pieces within your kitchen and bathroom walls because of their water damage-resistant and antibacterial qualities.

Limestone is a much favoured tile type because of its availability and beauty, and travertine tiles are the most popular among limestone subtypes.

As mentioned above, this type is a kind of limestone that results from hot springs. The popularity of travertine tiles cannot be challenged by other types of tile because they are proven to be unique and universally beautiful with their naturally beige colour. Travertine tiles are widely used for backsplashes for kitchens, bathrooms, and mosaics. The combination of their versatility and universality makes travertine tiles the most go-to choice for wise homeowners.

We bet you loved those shiny marbles when you were a kid. Now that you’re up for shinier things, you can try installing some of these tiles within your home. You can pick your desired colours and finishes when it comes to marble tiles. Sydney is lucky to have access to Pretty Pieces, the shop that sells the best marble you can ever lay your hands on.

If you are opting for grainy but earthy tiles for your walls, sandstone tiles would be the best choice for that. However, sandstone types are known for their durability and can also be used for floors when they have a honed finish.

In case you’d want something amazing both in aesthetics and functionality, slate tiles are perfect for you. It can surely strengthen your floors, both indoors and outdoors, while brightening your home up with the variety of colours available. You have to check out our slate tile collection and see how precious they would be for your next tiling plans.


You may think that these glass tiles could be too brittle, but they are recommended to use for kitchen backsplashes because of their high resistance to heat. Some mosaic tiles in Sydney are made from glass because of their undeniably positive combination of form and function.


This special tile type is known for its enthralling geometric patterns turned into art. Even though these tiles depict an in-depth Mediterranean history and culture, Moroccan tiles in Sydney are readily available, especially here in our shop where you can search for the greatest Moroccan finds.


In case you want to get a bit more experimental and adventurous with your tiling choices, you can opt for mosaic tiles to suit a creative tile design you planned with your tiling specialist. These tiles are usually sold as small porcelain or clay pieces, but a lot of homeowners swear by glass and even Moroccan as the best mosaic tiles ever! Too busy to go out? You can always check out our mosaic tiles online so you don’t have to sweat looking for these dainty mosaic tiles in Australia.


These extremely tough tiles are all about their durability for heavy traffic pathways or areas. In case you’d want to toughen up some poolside or patio, Pretty Pieces can provide you with the strongest (18)sandstone pavers.


Having a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t have the stylish tiled floor you desire. Our vinyl floor tiles can make you look like you have trendy vinyl floors without fishing out unnecessary expenses.


These are only brief descriptions of the different types of tiles, so be sure to consult a tiling professional before buying those pretty pieces of your own. If you’re still looking for that specialist, we can refer you to the best ones available in Sydney. Don’t forget to come by our shop and indulge in your tile shopping spree!

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