Wood Look Tiles

Over the years, the tile industry flourished in different directions through constant innovation on tile design and manufacture. One of the latest improvements the industry made is the creation of wood look tiles. As luck would have it, wood look tiles in Sydney are readily available, but the best shops can only provide the best ones to offer. Here at Pretty Pieces, we offer you our exquisite collection of wood look tiles that lives up to the name.


Trivia time: ever heard about “timber” tiles? In case you might think otherwise, wood look tiles are also known as timber look tiles in some countries like Australia and Europe. We just wanted to clear that out before you start differentiating between wood look and timber look tiles’ price ranges.


Wood Look Tiles

Going back, wood look tiles are massively trendy lately because of their perfect qualities regarding form and function. A lot of modern homeowners want to preserve traditionalist vibes in their homes without the cons of traditional materials, and that is why wood look tiles are absolutely perfect for the job. Also, these can be made from ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and even vinyl floor tiles. However, wood look porcelain tiles are easier to find in the tile market at present.


What are porcelain tiles? These gorgeous pieces are manufactured by exposing natural clay and minerals to extreme heating. Porcelain tiles can be designed to look like natural materials: there are porcelain tiles that look like marble, limestone, and most especially, hardwood. Of course, natural stone tiles are also great choices, but if you want to choose natural stone aesthetics with porcelain quality, you would want to give porcelain tiles a second look.


Since the beauty of hardwood can easily go along with any design you are into, wood look tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors. But when choosing your own set of wood look porcelain tiles, be sure to check out the appropriate finish for the area to be tiled.


A polished porcelain floor would be perfect for your bedroom, but you wouldn’t want glazed porcelain tiles in high traffic and constantly wet areas like your bathroom or kitchen. But don’t worry–come chat with us, and we’ll get you the right tile finish you need! Check out our store to find quality glazed, unglazed, smooth, semi-polished and polished porcelain tiles of your liking.




Wood Look Tiles: Function

To begin with, wood look tiles are known for their advantages in comparison to real hardwood floors. These pretties are easier to clean and maintain, whereas real hardwood is prone to wetness, damages, and stains. Wood look tiles are also more available to purchase, and can be easily integrated with under floor heating.


Wood look tiles are also immensely versatile when it comes to the area you want to tile up. Aside from wood look floor and wall tiles, you can also attain that hardwood aesthetic in the forms of ceiling tiles and synthetic shake roofing tiles. Roofs can now look like natural cedar but with the durability of tiles. Wood look tiles can also be used for backsplashes, so you can still avail a creative one without the expenses and installation difficulty of glass tiles.


Some homeowners do like to spread the time-honoured designs in the entirety of their homes, so it isn’t surprising that wood look tiles are a huge thing even for pools. No doubt, but pool tiles should always be rated as efficient nonslip outdoor tiles before finally installing them.


Safety should always be prioritised in frequently wet areas like bathrooms and pools, and there are decent choices for outdoor tiles in Sydney. Usually, homeowners would just leave aesthetic behind and buy ordinary pavers, but Sydney homeowners would be happy to know that there are now other options besides that. You can say goodbye to boring outdoor floor tiles, and say hello to your new nautical pool aesthetic—the wood look tiles.


Are you ready to view Sydney’s greatest wood look tiles? We would love to show you ours. If you want to know more about the different types of tiles check out our store Pretty Pieces and get started on some exciting tile shopping!

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