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Congratulations! You are now officially an independent adult who has the courage to go through the serious business of home remodeling. We know the pain you are going through with choosing which parts of your home should be improved, finding shops where you could buy the materials, handling your present and upcoming expenses,  and finding people who you can employ to do the improvements for you. Even that first step could be a tough one, so you can already pat yourself on the back when you accomplish that.

But when it comes to home improvement, one of the most common issues a homeowner like you would likely have is that you do not actually have enough knowledge about what happens during the improvement itself. Admit it—you don’t even know much about the materials used in refurbishing your kitchen and bathroom. These two significant parts of your home are commonly refurbished with tiles due to different factors such as appearance, durability, and longevity. A wise homeowner would look for information about tiles before plunging into any business of home reconstruction. Do you know what to expect when you buy and install kitchen and  bathroom tiles in Sydney? Here are some information you would want to know before planning your future tiled home.


Floor tiles will need to be more durable than common wall tiles.

Depending on the number of people who live or work within your home, you should be very careful in selecting the tiles you want to exist beneath your feet. This is not to say that you should be at ease with weak tiles for your walls—that would definitely defeat the purpose of the renovation itself. There can always be a slim chance that something or someone may accidentally hit the  tiles for your bathroom walls, so you should consider that. It’s just that the traffic created by people’s feet and heavy things can be too much for floor tiles with weak resistance. Luckily, some types of  bathroom tiles and  kitchen tiles have a PEI scale that can guide you on their durability.  You don’t have to despair on the matter since you don’t have to guess which would be the best bathroom tiles you can ever get a hold of.


Depending on your taste, stone flooring can be a great option.

In case you are wondering if it’s too old school for your taste, stone kitchen floors are making a comeback in modern home improvement ideas, especially on Pinterest. No, you’re not going to have regular stones on your floor.  You can always choose from a variety of  kitchen flooring tiles like marble, limestone, slate and quartzite, and travertine.  And fortunately, you can use these tiles for your  bathroom flooring too! Among the various bathroom flooring materials available, you should try using marble or travertine bathroom tiles for their higher water resistance and a purer appearance. You wouldn’t want to imagine the things living in the dark corners of your bathroom tiles, would you? We thought so.


You can upturn your kitchen’s neatness with SPLASH-BACK and  Splash-Back tiles.

So what’s the difference between a backsplash and a splashback? You’ll be glad that we’re here to explain this bit of useful information to you. Looking closely at these two, you can say that they are quite the same thing, but they are not. A backsplash is a broader term for a shield behind any working area to save the walls from splashes, while a splashback is specifically for areas such as your oven top and your kitchen sink. To add to that, backsplash tiles can be decorative, while splashback tiles can be easily cleaned. These types of tiles are basically still kitchen wall tiles but are specifically for these functions, thus explaining the term. Some homeowners install a backsplash or splashback in the bathroom, but they are much more common in the kitchen where harsher types of liquids can seriously damage your walls. They can also add to the kitchen’s overall ambience, depending on the  kitchen splashback colours or patterns you would choose. You might also want to look into glass backsplash in Sydney, which are quite known for their low maintenance beauty, not to mention their high resistance to heat. Finding out more about  kitchen splashback tile ideas beforehand can save you some more time with the other tasks you need to do, so take some time to sit down and call us to discuss some new creative ideas for that dream kitchen of yours!



You can still aim for aesthetics even though you are aiming to buy functional tiles.

Of course, durability and texture are very important aspects of tiles, but you can always buy gorgeous ones without sacrificing usefulness. Tile making is an art in itself, and tile makers would not forgive themselves if you have to spend hard-earned money on boring kitchen and bathroom tiles. Your sense of style as a homeowner could be easily expressed by revamping these parts of your home with tiles—you could even experiment with the tiles in the shower with some trending  shower tile ideas! Bathroom and kitchen tile design is a huge thing, and at Pretty Pieces we offer a vast array of colors and patterns you can choose from to suit your own taste. You can always opt for white tiles for your bathroom, but there is always an option to combine different colors and patterns to create a certain feel.  Aside from that, you can also choose the size and shape of the tiles for your home. Do you want large square tiles for your kitchen floor? Sure. Would you like hexagonal tiles for your bathroom walls? No problem. The tiles salesman got your back.


The tile business staff may help you on how to remodel your bathroom and kitchen.

There is a high chance that the staff who would sell you the tiles would know a lot more than you think about home improvement with kitchen and bathroom tiles. Maybe they are offering their remodelling services to their valued customers, so don’t be afraid to ask them about the subject. Their kitchen and bathroom tile ideas might be much better than what you already planned since they had more time to study and explore bathroom remodelling, while you just started to read about tiles a few minutes or hours ago. Go on, don’t be shy—the bathroom tiles they have in mind might be the perfect choice for your home.

At the end of the day, the tiles you choose will be up to you. Be sure to choose the right tiles, because they can make or break your plan to revamp your living space into the perfect home. Happy tile shopping!

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