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If you want to start to tile up your own home, you came to the right page. But if you’re also looking for tile designs from a tile factory outlet—surprise!–you ‘re still on the right page.

Pretty Pieces is here to help you with the best floor tiles, tiling materials, tools, and machinery needed for a successful tiling operation. Come and visit Pretty Pieces you to know about tiling and what to buy for your latest home improvement endeavours.


The fundamentals could be summarised into three basic ideas that will surely help you decide what to do next:


  • Plan about the space you want to improve and the results you want to achieve with a tiling specialist.

It wouldn’t really hurt to plan out everything first before doing anything else about your tiling installation. In all fairness, that would only ensure that the project would go smoothly as possible without unexpected and unnecessary expenses and hassles.


You should consult one of your qualified specialists first, because they would need to measure and assess the area you want to tile up so they can properly estimate the number of materials you need. If you do not know anyone capable for the job, we are willing to recommend the best ones here in Sydney.


At this point, you also have to envision what you want that room to look and feel like, so you can base your tile preference from that. Imagining your bathroom as part of a forest and as part of a vintage 50’s diner would lead to different tile selections, right?


  • Choose the tiles, other materials, tools, and machinery wisely.

Owning your own home means you are responsible for selecting the materials and tools to work with for home revamping. Don’t fret because your tiling specialist can help you with that matter in case you do not have the slightest idea what to choose.


  • Finding the right tile design and tile patterns for your home would be the most exciting part before the tiling installation. Luckily, Pretty Pieces won’t let you down on offering a variety of quality bathroom tile designs and colours you could possibly imagine. Aside from that, you can also opt for vinyl floor with our vinyl floor tiles, which are self-adhesive and easier to install. In general, just be sure that when choosing your tiles, the area measurement is in consideration. Hexagon tiles for a splashback are absolutely possible, but will take great care on exact measurements and placing.



  • Adhesive, Grout, and Sealers. To briefly explain the terms, a tile adhesive is used to hold the tiles in place; grout is filled into the spaces between tiles; and a sealer is used as a finish to protect the tile and grout from damage and dirt. Your tiling expert will help you choose the best ones for the project, so that you won’t have to worry too much about the matter.


  • Backer boards. This is commonly placed on the area to be tiled before the tile installation itself, in case that it isn’t concrete. Let your hired professional pick what’s best for your home, and surely your hard-earned bucks won’t go to waste.


  • Tiles Cutter, Notched Trowel, Grout Float, Spacers. A tiles cutter basically cuts the tiles into smaller pieces; a notched trowel exists to place the adhesive on the area; the grout float for the grout; and the spacers to ensure that the spaces between tiles are even. Without these four, you can kiss perfect and clean tile installing goodbye. Providing the proper tile cutters for the job would be wise, since that can affect your future tile installer’s quality of work. In line with that, you might want to come in and have a chat with us so we can provide you our best tile cutters and machinery you will absolutely need for the best results.


  • Tile Cleaning You would want to invest on effective tile cleaners to save your tiles from stains. When sealers aren’t applied correctly, this may affect the intensity of staining on your tiles, especially if you are aiming for porcelain—tile cleaning could be a horrific experience to a perfectionist homeowner. That’s why we are here to provide you the best ones to offer so you don’t have to worry on future maintenance.


  • Hire a professional tile installer who will do the tiling for you.

Looking for someone to install the tiles is a must. It may cost you, but the perfect results in the end would be worth it. The tiling process is a serious business, and will not be easy for a tile installation rookie. Besides, cutting tiles is a dangerous feat, but your tiling professionals would know how to take care of themselves while finishing the job. No need to worry, just trust us.


Are you ready for your prettiest take on your own tiled paradise? Come by Pretty Pieces—we’ll tell you all about it, and we’ll sell you all about it! Come visit us to view our range of breath taking range of tiles. Happy tile shopping!

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